BURN in 2019 - Call for improvements


Hello dear BURNers!

The election is coming up shortly, which means later this year a new batch of interests disclosures will be posted on the Parliament website.

The current setup has served us well, but I’m looking to make some tweaks to make the system more streamlined.

The biggest priorities right now are integrating the search more tightly so the community can remove or correct inaccurate entries, as well as add optical character recognition to the entry page.

Is there anything else you’d like me to prioritise?

All the best,


Would be handy to have a “Show incomplete” filter to quickly see what register entries need updating rather than having to scroll through each MP/Senator to find pages to update.

BREAKING: Senators' interests to go digital

Yes to this. First time here, found it odd that I had to scroll past completed to find the incomplete.

Also - 105%?


Ability to provide a reason when flagging a page i.e. describe the issue or concern, or if flagging for special interest - what that special interest is.


I think this would work really well if you could also indicate the number of ‘Contributes’ for each of the headings/tabs - just like the unread text messages on an iPhone for example