BURN LIVE Friday 20 April


Yo BURNers! Kicking it at around 85%. Let’s do this! Lots of Labor MPs still to go.



Oh, hai!. Just gotta make some coffee and do some kid wrangling and I’ll be into it.


For those who missed this earlier this week: https://twitter.com/jacksongs/status/986455114943614976


GDAY! Feel like it’s been a while but I’m here (in Brisbane) and ready to burn :fire:


More fun than it looks.


Big crowd at Rye and big crowd at Burn. Exciting times.


Lol. I too would have some ‘concerns’ if someone gifted me an off brand Ed Sheeran experience.


one of the best typos so far


And that was the last page available for Dutts. :fire:


A whole lotta laptops.


Does anyone ever specify much about rent? This is vague af


I definitely haven’t seen anyone specify an amount (if they even list an income)


No amounts, no rental period etc. Jeez! This could be a year of rent for all we know.


A very belated declaration


plenty of Virgin and Qantas memberships for politicians and their spouses floating around, but for a staffer is… new


my first art


This is not going to help my position on the leaderboard.


I see this man’s handwriting in my nightmares


then there’s Trev Evans 23%20am