Do we repeat typos?


If there is a spelling error in this case the word “on” instead of “of”, do we correct it? I did, hope that is ok.
I have however repeated verbatim weird Sudden (lol) use of capitals. Hope tht is ok



Our approach is to type things exactly as they appear - including typos!

The thinking is that we should enter the data exactly as it appears, but when we do searches we use wildcards to ‘catch’ entries that might otherwise be missed.


Hi, what about a spelling error such as this one I’ve just come across: “Accomodation”. My instinct is to correct this to “Accommodation” for search purposes.


Hi Saimi! I’ve seen that one before too!

The principle we have adopted is to copy the words exactly as they appear, so that means include the typo.

The search includes a feature to match words that are different by a character or two (see the ‘more information’ part of the search). That way both versions of the spelling should be picked up.