Fixing Mistakes


Totally confused by page-flagging instructions, managed to claim completion before it had happened. How do I fix ? - I can’t get back in.


I have another fixing mistakes questions - as a newbie I hadn’t completely taken on the need to do a new entry for each claim so have added a variety of shares bought to just the one entry - am I able to go back and fix this up?


I confused the “Talk” description of the first page with an update page - it looked the same. How can I fix it?


Hi @skyeconstantine ! Let me know which MP it was for and I can go into the database and clean it up!


Hi @peterhoran - can you give me more information here? Let me know what I can do to assist!


Hi @mrsmrs! There’s no way to go back to previous pages, so it’s important to double check before you save your entries.

To ‘move forward’ a page, you can either save your entries or flag the page.

Let me know if you have any more questions about flagging. Really flagging is a way for you to tell me: “hey mate there’s something weird on this page I need help”.


Thanks @jacksongs - it’s Rick Wilson


Yes, I do ‘get’ that. What happened was that I was trying to flag a page and somehow found myself in goddam Twitter - a place in which I do not wish, ever, to be.
And in my efforts to escape, managed to hit the wrong key (like the dickhead I am) and saved the whole entry.
Wanna know which it was ?


Oh, poop ! - I did it again. Sorry.
Shadow Attorney-General: not sure about Item no.
The first one I stuffed up is … erhmm … some Lib called Chris Crewther.
I do apologize: but your direction to “tap the button below” is not suffciently clear - there are more than one. Tsk !, she said admonishingly. [grin]


I was working on Anne Aly, WA Labor, and pressed the “nothing to see here” button, thinking it was the front page. But, then, too late, I realised it was an update of interests and should have been processed.


On Alan Tudge, I think I characterised an alteration as a deletion. Really need a I think I made a mistake button.