LIVE Fri Feb 9 Sprint


Good morning all :wave:




Time to burn. What percentage of the register are we up to?


The new ‘progress’ page shows we have completed about 3800 pages, with the target being around 6200. That makes it…



Great to see @rachelbaxendale and @tommcilroy!



And @verbaliza!

Hey @mattdennien send us a photo of Brissie!


I’m here too, thanks for the mention @jacksongs




@tommcilroy tweet away
(here’s the text I received a Bottle of Moss Wood Wilyabrup Ribbon Vale Merlot 2013 Merlot firm Hon. Ben Wyatt Treasurer of Western Australia Being his payment on a bet as a result of the GWS Giants thrashing the West Coast Eaglse in the 2017 AFL Finals."


@jacksongs come to brissie in the next 50 minutes if you wanna get your interests register transcribed


Good morning! Just arrived at Rye and ready to burn…


Great work team, I’m checking out. Closing in on 4000 pages!