New content upload schedule/cadence?


I’m pretty new here and may have missed this but have been unable to find it.

Everything appears to be up-to-date and transcribed as of today. What schedule/cadence do you work to for the uploading of new material so I can match my checking to be the same - no use checking every day if you only upload once a month! :grin:



Hi there!

At the moment it’s a manual process to upload the transcribed data into the search, but I’m working on automating it. Down the line, that will eliminate the delay.

Before that happens though, there has been a lot of great work done in the past few weeks and it would be great to get into the search asap! I’ve just come back from holidays and there are a fair few pages people have wrongly entered and have asked me to amend.

Assuming there aren’t masses of incorrect entries, expect the search to be updated by next weekend.


Thanks for the update and welcome back.


Hi folks, I’m still going through the flagged pages but should be able to work through them this week. Thanks for your patience!


This has been delayed again. I have suffered some unfortunate personal circumstances but am back on deck at work from today and looking to find some time for this during the week. Appreciate your support and interest.


Looks like there is now work to do! - Thanks


Hi folks, the search is updated now with all the new data!

Working on streamlining this process in my next round of updates.

Don’t forget to ‘flag’ any inaccurate contributions you come across in the search.