One thing received by self and dependent


@jacksongs (is there someone else I can pester?),

On Ged Kearney’s form received on 28 June 2018 she declares something to the benefit of both her and her daughter. Without knowledge of your database other than hints given by the entry procedure I have entered it twice. Once as ‘self’ and once as ‘other dependent’ in the hopes that will allow easier searching and statistical analysis.

Please let us know if that’s wrong…

The offending entries read:

“My daughter and I received an upgrade to business - Qantas Melbourne to Canberra on 24 June 2018.”


I did it again for Macklin, 26 June 2018: Virgin Australia “The Club” Membership Renewal for Member and Partner


and again for Macklin, 13 Aug 2018: Qantas Chairman’s Lounge renewal for Member and partner


Your approach is spot on!

If there is an explicit reference to a spouse or dependent, we include those as separate entries - even if the disclosures are in a single line or ‘box’ on the form.