Share purchase entries using only ASX abbreviations


I note in some cases share purchases are often listed by their abbreviation without the discloser adding the official business name.

Just selecting one company at random from the ASX by way of example: ASX:CRB is Carbine Resources. Should we be looking up the abbreviation and adding that to the disclosure even though the discloser has not actually type Carbine Resources. I am thinking in terms of people searching the register would search ‘Carbine Resources’ rather than CRB or ASX:CRB.

I noticed this on one of Stuart Robert’s ROI entries where he just lists a whole series of ASX codes.


Any thoughts on this one?


Hi Evelyn,

I have just been copying the abbreviations exactly they have been written.

A searcher can try both the company name and abbreviation.


Thank you Jackson. I will type it as it is written, Cheers, Evelyn