Showing same page twice


Hi, In my session today, when I complete a page, it shows me the same page again (to be completed again). This happens on multiple members. This happened to me once before a couple of months ago for a day, and has been fine in the intervening period. My understanding is that I should only be seeing/completing a page once, because any further transcriptions should be done by someone else to average out any transcription issues or errors. Is my understanding correct? Maybe there is a current issue with the system? I’ll not do any more today, and come back another day to see if it is resolved. Thanks.


Hi there. Thanks for reporting this and happy new year!

I’ve been away over summer but am back now and will be double checking this today and tomorrow. Stay tuned.


Hello all,

I’ve eliminated the duplicate pages. I tracked the problem down to the scraper being triggered again before the previous one had finished, thereby adding pages multiple times.

But I also discovered some errors in the register and have spoken to the Registrar.

Please keep me posted if you spot anything else odd!


Will do - thanks for sorting that out!