Sprint #9 LIVE


This is the thread for sprint #9, scheduled for the morning Friday, December 8.

It starts at 7am Canberra/Sydney/Melbourne time, 6.30am in Adelaide and 6am Brisbane.

Here’s the Meetup link: https://www.meetup.com/BURN-THE-REGISTER/events/245607061/

Post below to say hello, exchange pics and share discoveries.


This is pretty much what it looks like on Friday morning at RYE:

I’ll post a new pic on Friday.


Checked into RYE yall. Happy Friday


A prominent member of the leaderboard has arrived!


The meet up crowd has grown by 100 per cent - and it’s only 7.29am!


Playing along here at home in Bris 👍


For anyone following at home, the Talk section allows for private messages as well, with notifications in your browser. See top right in the below…


Two more belated arrivals! Welcome to @acebally and @sarahmartin



Thanks for checking in @mattdennien @tommcilroy @acebally @sarahmartin. Catch you next week!


Thanks for having us! Will see ya then :wave: