Vague details provided and how best to record



I have a couple of questions about entering data, which is vague. Please bear with me.

  1. If the MP does not provide a specific Item No – do we figure that out? or revert to the “unlisted” category.
  2. The confusion over listing both hospitality and tickets to events as one thing, when they are not – should we separate those as two separate items?
  3. The confusion over listing two tickets (etc.) as one separate entry, when there is no spouse or dependent inferred – should we enter these as two separate entries and use the “dependent category”. Sometimes they mention a guest or a friend (who knew they had any?), but should these be listed as two separate items then, as in when they mention their spouses?

I would appreciate your guidance.


From an earlier discussion re vague/misleading details - the general advice seems to be to take a “dumb” approach and just record it as it is (without guessing what is actually meant):