What is the difference


What is the difference between gifts and hospitality. I am seeing tickets and seats and such at big sporting events eg AFL grand final Melbourne Cup as hospitality but not gifts. If you added the cost of the hospitality it is considerable. And all the seat upgrades from Business to first class. i am doing Tehan at the moment


Hi Lee, yes there seems to be plenty of overlap between those two categories in particular.


We worked out the cost of of an up[grade from Economy to business and then to first class is in the thousands. Just book business and lets be honest about it. there are so many blazing gaps in these. I think with what I have left I am starting a …“this doesnt make sense file.”


Yes this one annoys me too!
From a practical perspective, always use the category they nominate (even if it seems wrong - remember the accurate transcription concept) and remember if they don’t nominate a category (for example, if it’s in an amendment page) remember you can always use the ‘not listed’ category.

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